About Tim Booth

Tim Booth is a photographer, computer expert, geoscientist and orienteer, based in Massachusetts.

I've been photographing since the 1950's, and I like to think that I've improved since those early photographs. Since I retired from the computer industry, I've spent more time on photography, including studying at the New England School of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoyed much of what I've learned there, including architectural and night photography - much of this web site is devoted to some of the photographs that I like. I now also practice architectural photography commercially with Best View Imaging in Walpole MA.

I was working in the IT industry, mostly in communications and such, for over 40 years. It seems to move ever faster and more new bits appear all the time, but I still try and keep up and am now writing in an eclectic mixture of C, C++, Java and Javascript - with occasional nostalgic looks at mainframe assembler. Despite being retired I still maintain web sites for a number of clients and I'm always happy to discuss working on more.

I'm a British expatriate in the USA, but before I moved I was a Scout Leader with 1st Finchampstead Scout Group for many decades. I'm still Honorary Group President, but it's difficult to be more active across the Atlantic. An equal amount of time seems to be spent on orienteering. I ran for Berkshire Orienteers for many years, but nowadays I run for The New England Orienteering Club - another set of maps and terrain to try out, As well as the actual running, I have done quite a lot of the organisational side and seem to end up doing all the club computing. I have provided computing and entry services for many events from small colour coded events up to major events, including the British Championships, the British Schools Championships, the World Championships, the World Cup and the Jan Kjellstrom International Festival of Orienteering. I also enjoy planning the events and coaching young people and I do a certain amount of mapping these days as well.